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Fanny Packs: A Buying Guide

It is amazing how an innovation can shake the world. In the late 80s the fanny pack came into the market and everyone was fascinated by the look and interesting design. It had a special design to it. It was a unique kind of bag. One which people could carry around easily. The funny pack was just the right size, big enough to carry stuff in, but at the same time not too big to make it bulky. If you are looking to buy one of these packs, it is important to shop wisely. These packs come in a variety of different styles. Each of the designs are made with a special reason. Here are some things to note about the funny packs.

Understand the variety of bags that exist

When the bags first came out there was not much variety. The packs had few pockets and the design was monotonous. Today, this is different as there are various packs for a numbered of activities. Some common types you should be aware of are discussed below.

The Lumber Fanny Pack

This kind of pack is preferred by those individuals who enjoy camping and hiking. Some of its designs are similar to the ones you might see in a backpack. For instance, the compression straps on it ensures that the individual using it experiences a better fit. Unlike a regular old purse, it has a larger purse that can fit a number of things. In many cases you can buy them together with bigger backpacks and they act as extra storage spaces for when one is out in the wild or in nature. During a hike it might be very frustrating to search for your stuff too deep inside a backpack, however lumber fanny pack conveniently allow you to place your items at close proximity for easier access. It’s the most convenient place for your band-aids, sanitizers and water bottles.

A Travel Fanny Pack

This pack has a classic design. It has the regular featured strap, which goes around the person’s waist. The pouch is relatively small than the lumber fanny pouch, and it sits right underneath ones tummy. It facilitates free motion during travel. The backpack is purposefully made for travelers to conveniently reach their items with ease.

Fanny Pack for Hunters

This is similar to the lumber pack. It is very convenient because it helps hunters have their hands free and they can easily reach ammo and other necessities they have stored in the packs quite quickly. One can buy the packs from many travel stores. However, you can always get online and check out some really cool ones with awesome features particularly on shopping sites such as eBay and Amazon.
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